Thoughts on Book Subscription Services

There is nothing like a brand new book fresh out of a box. There is nothing like a bit of fun mail to come home to after a long day at work. This is why subscription boxes are so successful in this industry. Plus you have other people scanning and preview reading books for you and choosing what they think is the best one (or ones) for you to read in that month. you don’t have to do the research or read all the reviews to pick out the best books on your shelves.


Today I am sharing my favorite three subscription services with you for Small Business Saturday and a bit about why I love them for so many different reasons.

OwlCrate April Unboxing

  1. Owlcrate and Owlcrate JR. 
    I started getting Owlcrate the second month they were in service. Since then,  I have gone months without one of their boxes because of financial issues, but not without regret. Owlcrate is famous for bringing quality YA books with quality merchandise to go with the book. There are some months when I roll my eyes at the amount of paper goods we get instead of something useful, but for the most part, they give us beautiful and unique items that have some use besides sitting on a shelf and collecting dust. I also love middle grade books and I have given Owlcrate Jr. a try. I loved the books from this service, but seeing as I am not a kid, and don’t have one, I really didn’t want most of the items that I recieved in these boxes. Now I use their Past Boxes page as a recommendation landing page. If they were to come out with a book only option, I would jump all over that.

    BOTM NOV 2 .jpg

  2. Book of the Month
    Book of the Month is unique in that they have been around FOREVER. They used to be just a mail service before the internet and within the past several years, they were revamped and brought up to speed by the internet. I love that they give you a choice of a brand new hardcover each month. Generally you pick one of 5 books for $15.99 each month and you can add on up to 2 more for just $10 more each from either the current month or the extras from past months. I love that each book is stamped on the cover with the month that BOTM released it and that they are always new releases for less than the cover price. I also generally get more adult books from this service which is something I need to read more of.

    Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

  3. Once Upon a Book Club
    One of my favorite things about this service is that you get rewarded for reading. Their thing is that as you read you open gifts up that have something to do with the book. They have both a YA and Adult box and I have loved every book I have gotten from them. I love opening presents and getting rewarded for reading so this was the perfect subscription box for me.


What are your favorite subscription services?

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