Being a Bookstagram Rep

Since I started my bookmark store, BibliophilePrints, I have gotten to see both sides of repping, and why it is so important to small, independent companies.

For those of you who don’t know, being a rep on bookstagram means that your bookstagram is now representing a small company who thinks that you can help advertise their products.

Here is what being a rep IS and IS NOT: 

Being a Rep IS advertising and marketing for a company in exchange for some samples of their goods.

Being a Rep IS NOT getting free stuff.

Being a Rep IS about helping the store owner make connections and gain sales as well as followers.

Being a rep IS NOT about getting free stuff and posting once.

Now that we have established that being a rep is NOT getting free stuff for free lets talk about what small companies are looking for when they do rep searches and what you can do to catch their attention.

When a company puts out a rep search they are looking for bookstagrammers that they think can help them sell their products by taking clear, bright photos, interacting with their followers, and really genuinely can show that they enjoy their products.

Here is what you can do to catch shops attention:

  1. Have followers and interact with them! Don’t waste the company’s time if you just started your bookstagram and have 50 followers. Stores are looking for established accounts with a good amount of followers. When I am considering reps I am usually only looking at accounts with 500 or more followers. If you are newer here is how to gain followers on your posts:
    – Use the max amount of hashtags on your posts. Instagram lets you have 30 hashtags per post. Make sure those hashtags are relevant
    – Interact with people. Follow instagrams, like their photos, answer questions on posts and ask questions on your posts, watch people’s stories and reply to things, post on your story
  2. Feature products on your feed that the companies sell. If you want to rep for a bookmark company, take pictures of the bookmarks you already have. If you want to rep for a candle company, take pictures with the candles you already own. Even better, if you can afford to, buy something from the company and feature it on your bookstagram before the rep search is over or before it begins.
  3. Interact with the store owner! I don’t remember every entry of my rep searches but I do remember the people who talk with me and constantly comment on my posts!
  4. Read and reread the requirements for entry. Make sure you use the right hashtags and comment on their rep search post if it is required. Half the time when I don’t choose a beautiful bookstagram it is because I can’t trust people that can’t follow directions of entry. Simple as that.
  5. If you TRULY want to rep a company, keep entering their rep searches. I remember people that keep trying!

If you don’t get chosen, keep working on your account, keep posting original content, and don’t bad mouth the company. Small bookish companies have a tight knit community. Trust me when I say, if you get a bad rap, you won’t be a rep.

If you ARE chosen as a rep make sure to fulfill all your rep duties. I have had a couple reps who have not done this and if they apply to be reps for other companies I will be letting those other companies know this. When you don’t fulfill your rep duties you are wasting the company’s money and small companies don’t have money to waste.

If you are a small bookish company and you are thinking about adding reps consider a rep reward system to help motivate your reps, especially if they are only reps for one month or in their last month of repping for you. Keep in good communication with your reps. I HIGHLY suggest a rep group chat where your reps can send in their photos and so you can share news with all of them at once.


Do you have any advice for bookstagrammers wanting to be a rep for a company? Drop your comments below!



Why Having a Bookish Penpal is the best

I’m baaackkkk! I have been super busy in my store lately. I have filled over  200 orders since the beginning of my store plus rep packages and freebies I have sent as giveaway awards and what not. With my classes this summer I got so busy and just had no time for anything else.

Tonight, I had a lightbulb go off about something I should write about though!


So here are the reasons Why Having a Bookish Penpal is the Best 

    snail mail
    Who doesn’t like to get snail mail? I LOVE it. Getting the mail is something I look forward to every single time I leave work and am driving home. I love stamps, stationary, and handwritten letters. I also collect postcards. Also I order lots of stuff and love getting packages.
    i love books
    I mean no one else but a fellow book lover is going to understand you love of sniffing books, an ever growing TBR pile, and the fact that you refer to yourself as a book dragon. We have our blogs and instagrams and we occasionally chat about books with our followers, but having a pen pal gives you the platform to write pages about your passion of reading.
    gift giving
    Now I am not talking about receiving bookish goodies, I am talking about sending them. I love picking out presents for people. In fact I start shopping for Christmas in October because I love gift giving so much. The thought of getting to pick out a new bookmark for a friend who loves Jon Snow as much as I do would be super fun for me.
    Jon Snow
    I don’t know about y’all but the best part of having Bookstagram or a blog is for the friendships you develop along the way with your followers. Being someones penpal is an even more special bond to strengthen your internet friendship.


If you are interested in a bookish penpal let me know!! You can message me here or on my Instagram: @erinthebookdragon.

Top Ten Tuesday – Best Books of 2017

Okay these are not in any particular order because it is hard enough to pick 10 great books I have read this year.

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series (I am going to lump these together so it doesn’t take up 3 spots…) DSC_0030.JPG
  2. My reread of The Fruits Basket Manga 20170411_174601
  3. Everything, Everything 20170520_120516
  4. Three Dark Crowns 
  5. Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover 
  6. King’s Cage 
  7. The Shack 
  8. Wicked Oz books
  9. The Hidden Oracle
  10. Thirteen Reasons Why


*Strangely I did not have any pictures I could find of these 4 books.

Society 6 and Etsy

So there are a billion things on Etsy that are bookish that I wish I had. At the top of my list is candles for sure.

I mean… have you seen A Court of Candles?

Court of Candles

giphy-downsized (1)

Anyways, My Etsy store has actually had some sales and I am so excited about it. Here is what is new in the store:

I am in love with the Rhysand bookmark

giphy (6)

I also discovered Society 6 today. So. much. book. merch.

Also if you are any good at graphic design you should look into selling on here. All you do is upload an image and they can apply it on a ton of stuff and then they print it on the items and ship it to the customers. All you do is upload your JPEG file and they do the rest and you make $$. Cool.

Here is the link to my store: 



Weekly Review Tuesday

Hello 2nd Mini Series for my blog!

I am new to the whole writing reviews for books thing. So I am going to make it a little simpler on myself. I want to write reviews. I want to be good at writing reviews. I want people to read my reviews. So I  am going to write short reviews for books I have managed to finish each week. So here we go…

From May 24- May 30 I managed to finish 4 books (4.. in a week!)

Go me! So in order from when each book was finished.

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
    A Court of Thorns and Roses is about a girl named Feyre who lives with her disabled father and 2 spoiled older sisters. After a bad investment her father had lost their family fortune and they fell from grace into poverty. Feyre is the only one who seems interested in helping her family survive the harsh winters of the land they live in. On the other side of “the wall” lives another kingdom of the faeries. These faeries have been known to hunt down and murder humans for sport, and so the humans have grown to fear and hate them. When Feyre is out hunting for her family’s survival she shoots a wolf in the head to protect the deer she is bringing home for supper. The wolf happened to be a faerie in disguise and soon his friends come knocking down Feyre’s door and wisk her away to the kingdom they live in. Here, her entire perspective on her life and theirs changes drastically.

    Sarah J. Maas brings to life this kingdom with rich metaphors and intricate details in her writing. She makes the reader feel as if they are living inside her world. Talk about a book hangover… I am surprised I moved on to other books this week.

    5/5 Stars and would recommend to any Fantasy lovers

  2. We Will Not Be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement That Defied Adolf Hitler by Russell Freedman
    We Will Not Be Silent is a short middle grade book stocked full of photographs about the family and their friends who started the White Rose propaganda movement during World War II. Their story starts during the beginning of Hitler’s reign and talks about how even as young children they would not conform to the Nazi groups the way Hitler wanted them to. They resisted all rules put in front of them.

    The research and time that was taken into finding the photos that were included in this book must have been difficult as many of them seem like private family photos. This book made me gain a deeper understanding of some of the Germans during WWII that resisted what was happening in their country.

    3/5 total stars – 4/5 for a children’s book

  3. When Friendship Followed Me Home by Paul Griffith
    I think when Paul was writing this novel he said, “Hmm. What are the 5 worst things that can happen to a 12 year old kid?” and then he made all five of them happen to Ben, the main character in this story.
    Ben is a middle school student who is a nerd and who is bullied heavily in this book. He loves reading science fiction and finds solace in the library (like most of us readers).  Ben spent a good amount of his childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home until he met his mom who is a widow. One day after leaving the library a small dog follows Ben home. He bonds with this dog instantly and the dog, Flip, helps him meet his best friend Hayley who happens to be the librarian’s daughter and his only source of comfort during the tough times he endures in the rest of the novel such as abuse, death of a parent, and homelessness.

    Disclaimer: I listened to this book on CD in the car on my way to and from work for the majority of the month of May (I live 10 minutes from work). By the end of this novel I had to pull over because I was crying so hard.
    giphy (5)

    5/5 because this book is both sad and funny. I enjoyed it and I know middle grade students in my library will enjoy it as well.

  4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling (The Screenplay)
    Okay, if you have seen the movie then you know this story basically word for word. No surprises or extra side stories that were left out. Or entire plots – like in Harry Potter… The only thing that the book added to the movie for me were some clarifications behind some of the looks exchanged between characters and how they were truly feeling in that moment. JK Rowling creates a world of fantasy for us all to live in and I think the Fantastic Beasts franchise is really just adding to the Harry Potter world. I don’t think anything will ever replace the love I have for Harry Potter in my heart though.

    Props to the fun pictures throughout the book of the creatures made with repeated imagery.

    4/5 because its Rowling, and I love magic. A great movie but not my favorite read. Maybe I just don’t enjoy screenplays…

    giphy (4)

#ShelfieSunday & Bookstagram &Bookmail This Week

Today I was looking at my bookshelves with affection and love and thought “Hmm. I should take some shelfies and share them online with annotations and captions.”

Shelfie 1

Ugh these pictures are super blurry and as soon as I get a new camera I will take new ones. My camera is 3 years old and point and shoot so I have to have PERFECT lighting to get a decent picture.

Shelfie 2

Ignore my messy desk.

Shelfie 3

So that is my mini office tour. I didn’t photograph my desk because it is so. messy. I have this problem where I clean it up completely and then start some project because its clean and I can and then I don’t clean up the project and I am back where I started. Maybe one day I can get a decent shot of that as well.


Sundays are my photograph days. I am currently doing 3 challenges a month so that I can gain more followings on my account. (I want nothing more than to be a rep for some of those fantastic bookish companies.) Plus I love the photography and bookstagram community.

So this is what my hallway looks like during a photoshoot.

20170528_133100 I set up whatever I am photographing in front of my sliding doors where the light is good. You can see my box of props open in the background, and there are stacks of books I have already used up against the wall.


Chandler likes to help. This is the box from my



Here is what I got from Bookoutlet this week. I stalked their clearance section and got these 14 books for less than $50. The Paper Towns is a signed copy as well which was not listed in the comments.


Last thing –  I got my first Melting Library Subsription box. This had an “Edibles” theme. I recieved 6 candles from favorite books and a chapstick and this adorable bookmark.

Bibliophile Prints is Up and Running!


I opened my bookmark store up last weekend officially. I am so excited to present BibliophilePrints on Etsy!! I am working on several bookmark designs and should have more items available this weekend.


I was surprised (and honored) when I recieved a message on Sunday night from Ashley Fuhr from MarkMyWordsShop on Etsy. She is working on a bookmark subscription box to benefit the Koman 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer. She asked me if I would be willing to donate bookmarks for her boxes for July through October. I came up with 4 designs to send to her and they will be featured in her boxes. Look for those in her shop in the next couple months!

Bout of Books Readathon 19 Day 1 and 2

I am a day late! Ah. Oh well. I did read a lot yesterday even though I forgot I was part of this readathon.

So since I work and have finals this week my personal read-a-thon rules are simple. No electronics unless it is school work or work work, read instead! Oh and blogging. I can be on my laptop to blog.

Day One – Describe yourself #insixwords


#teacher #librarian #bibliophile #Aggie #reader #student

Day 2 – Not a Font


This was an easy one for me because I finished this book on Monday and it was fantastic!! Review will come later.


Today is the last day if you want to sign up:

Bout of Books 19 Official Sign- Up

Bookathon 19

This is my official post saying that I am joining this read-a-thon!


Here is a blurb about the event!

{The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, May 8th and runs through Sunday, May 14th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 19 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team}


Click Here to sign up and join me on my first ever Read-a-thon!

Thirteen Reasons Why – Review and Thoughts


*Spoilers are contained in this review* 

Thirteen Reasons Why is narrated by Clay Jensen as he follows the tapes that Hannah Baker left after her suicide. The narration flips between his thoughts in the first person and Hannah Bakers in the first person as he listens to the tapes she left to the people that caused her to commit suicide. Clay was in love with Hannah while she was alive and wasn’t sure how to tell her. He spends the first half of the story wondering why he of all people, caused her death.

At the beginning of the story Clay receives a mysterious package containing 7 cassette tapes. He listens to the first part of the first one in his parents’ garage and is surprised to hear Hannah’s voice on the tape. When his mother walks out into the garage he realizes he cannot listen to these tapes at home. He goes to his friend Tony’s house and steals Tony’s cassette Walkman to listen. He then continues to listen to the stories on Hannah’s tapes while traveling to the places Hannah mentions on her tapes. Clay soon learns the secrets of several of his classmates. When he comes to his tape (#9) Hannah tells him that he shouldn’t even be a reason, but his story is important to understanding the last couple reasons on the tapes. The last tape targets their high school counselor. Hannah takes the tape recorder into a meeting with him and Clay listens as their counselor does nothing to stop Hannah when she tells him how depressed she is, how she has nothing worth living for.  At the end of the novel Clay sends the tapes on to the next person and reaches out to an old friend who shows a lot of the same qualities of loneliness that Hannah did.

The book takes place in the places that Hannah has marked on the map as places that were part of her story including a coffee shop, her stalker’s home, the house of an infamous party, and her own home. Clay spends the story listening to the tapes and travels as Hannah refers to places on the map. He narrates his own feelings about the setting when he arrives and as Hannah’s story unravels.

The message in this book is to really look at the people around you, and to think about how even the smallest of actions can cause a person a lot of pain. Hannah refers to the butterfly effect in the novel: the idea that the beat of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tsunami on the other side of the world.

This book is part of the Young Adult genre and is aimed at high school students.

Jay Asher wrote Thirteen Reasons Why as well as three other novels: What Light, The Future of Us, and Piper (a graphic novel to be released in October of 2017). Jay Asher used a controversial way to promote Thirteen Reasons Why by releasing Hannah’s side of the story on “tapes” through Youtube. The website set up for Thirteen Reasons Why has many resources for teens who need to talk, who are depressed, or who are suicidal.

Thirteen Reasons Why was one of my favorite YA novels I have read in the last year. Jay Asher does a good job switching from Hannah to Clay’s stories and paralleling what is happening in each of their stories. You can really feel both characters’ depression, worry, frustration, and loneliness throughout the novel. There are not many stories that can portray teen emotions in a truly beautiful and terrifying light at the same time. After reading this novel I know I will be checking out Jay Asher’s other novels especially What Light, as this is his newest release and has some amazing reviews online. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good YA read. I also think that this book should be read by every teenager in high school. The story of Hannah Baker is devastating, but realistic, which should be known to all teens.